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Rounin Fightware BJJ Gi – Metamorph – Brazilian Jiujitsu Kimono



As the legend said; once there was a snake who gained mystical power after receiving a powerfull divine gem from a Deity. Not long after, the snake metamorph into a fierceful Heavenly Dragon.

Rounin Metamorph Kimonos Series
Featuring 450 GSM reverse full printed bamboo weave material for top and ripstop material for pant. Suitable for your daily training. It will empower you like a divine mystical gem and metamorph you from an ordinary grappler into a skillful Jiu Jitsu warrior.

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Material: Bamboo Weave
450 gsm
Include exclusive Metamorph bag


Size Chart:
A1 – Weight: 55-70 Kg Height: 160-170 Cm
A2 – Weight: 70-85 Kg Height: 170-182 Cm
A3 – Weight: 85-95 Kg Height: 182-190 Cm


Review Seller:
Bahan Bamboo Weave 450 gsm
Bahan nya lembut, tidak kaku
Di bagian dalam ada gambar ular sedang berubah menjadi naga.
Celana nya bahan ripstop
Dapat tas untuk gi nya.
Cocok untuk latihan sehari-hari

Pembelian tidak termasuk sabuk yaa..

Additional information

Weight 2000 g

A1, A2

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