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Genetix Interval Timer


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If you are a trainer, you would love to use this timer. No need to set multiple times, easily switch the timer mode and other things.

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It is proven that timed work periods and rest or recovery periods give you better results. Genetix timers are programmable interval timers perfect for timing a single interval, or multiple intervals, and repeating them once as many times as you wish.

# Fitur :
– Satu atau dua interval waktu yang berbeda dari 2 detik hingga 99 menit.
– Pengulangan hingga 99 kali
– Pengulangan otomatis sesuai program interval
– Tipe alarm :bunyi, getar, atau kedua-duanya
– Durasi alarm : 1, 2, atau 5 detik
– Terdapat klip sabuk
– Tahan air dan getaran

Fitur dan spesifikasi lain nya bisa dilihat pada bagian gambar.

Sangat cocok untuk bermacam-macam jenis training:
– Boxing
– Muaythai
– Cycling
– Running
– Crossfit
– Tabata
– Kettlebels
– etc.

Hanya Warna hitam saja.

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 4 cm

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