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Adrenox Fightgear Masker


or 3 payments of Rp5.000 with

A multi functional fabric mask with 2 layers thickness. This mask can protect you from dust and viruses (filtration 83%).

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Model: Earloop
Color : Hitam
Material: Polyester dengan filter tea towel
Pengait ke telinga nya bahan karet.
Filtrasi 83% (diatasnya katun)

Do you want it for FREE?


Kami ingin ikut berperan serta untuk memutus penyebaran COVID19. Maka nya bisa kami kasih gratis, Begini cara nya:

1. Setiap pembelian 1 pasang Boxing Glove (seharga di atas 750rb) akan mendapatkan 1 buah masker ini.
Kalo beli nya 2 pasang, dapat nya 2 buah.

2. Transaksi minimal Rp.1.000.000 akan mendapatkan 1 buah masker ini. Berlaku kelipatan yaa.. Jadi kalo transaksi nya Rp.2.000.000 dapat nya 2 buah.

A portion of the profits from the sale of this mask will be donated to support medical workers to cure our friends who are infected with COVID-19.

So, which one do you want? Buy this or get it for free?

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Weight 50 g

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