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Rounin Fightware BJJ Gi – Chrome – Brazilian Jiujitsu Kimono



This Gi is much simple to make you look cool and elegant when you walk in to the mat before you choke someone. This pre-shrunk 450 GSM Pearl Weave  Gi is suitable for your daily training. It use Rip-stop fabric that is well known for tactical military clothings to prevent it from torn apart for the pant. And because it’s light so you can move easily and smooth when you spar.

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Rounin Fightware BJJ Gi – Chrome.

Combative Armor BJJ Gi

✓ Simple elegant design ✓ Cutting that fit on your body
✓ Pre-shrunk 100% cotton
✓ Pearl Weave 450 GSM
✓ Rip-stop pant
✓ Thick lapel so it’s hard for opponent to grip you
✓ Triple strong stitching
✓ Double layer on chest, knees to shin and every intersection
✓ Pearl weave material on crotch
✓ High quality computer embroidery for logos
✓ Woven patches from top to bottom
✓  Anti-slip string for pant

*Belt not included

Additional information

Weight 2000 g

A1, A2, A3

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